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    Company Overview

    Handyware was founded in 1992 and has established five subsidiaries. Among them, Zengcheng Handyware was established in 1995. This company is a joint venture of Handyware International in China and is a national high-tech enterprise. Currently, Zengcheng Handyware has 3 production facilities: Guangzhou Zengcheng, Hubei Xiantao, and Gauteng, South Africa. The company’s headquarters is in the Panyu Tsinghua Science Park of Guangzhou, and simultaneously runs as a research and development facility. Zengcheng Handyware sales offices are located around china, including Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Zhengzhou, Fujian, Shantou, Wuhan, Shandong, Chengdu and Shenzhen. Zengcheng Handyware also maintains a close partnership with the Commercial Creamery Company based in the United States and the South China University of Technology.

     Zengcheng Handyware specializes in producing flavors, fragrances, natural extracts, seasoning and compound seasoning, which provides food ingredients of high quality for the food industry. Applications of these food ingredients include snack foods, instant noodles, meat products, biscuits and household condiments.

     Handyware’s latest investment of 100 million HKD was recently placed for the acquisition of the Hubei Xiantao production facility to enhance the production capabilities of food ingredients. The annual production capacity of this facility is over 10,000 tons of condiments. The production facility spans across a large amount of area, including 8000 square meters allocated to the production workshops, 5700 square meters allocated to warehouses and a 4-story building allocated to the worker’s dormitories. The facility has obtained the “hundred thousand” grade cleanliness rating with continuous vacuum drying equipment. The facility utilizes powder mixing systems imported from the United Kingdom, along with other sophisticated instruments that facilitate a perfect quality control system.


    Zengcheng Handyware has consistently adhered to its professional principles of developing safe, natural, nutritious and delicious products. On the business side, Zengcheng Handyware assures quality first and service at its best, whilst developing innovative products through sincere cooperation. These standards are achieved through Zengcheng Handyware’s scientific and technological expertise. Furthermore, Zengcheng Handyware’s attributes of exemplifying continuous improvement, innovation and practicality, along with its extensive experience in the food industry, contribute to the successful partnerships with renowned food companies globally.

     Zengcheng Handyware has passed the ISO22000-2005 food safety management system certification, halal certification and obtained the export permit. Following the concept to “taste healthy life,” we strive to use our technology to provide healthy and delicious high-quality food ingredients for more food companies whilst injecting life and soul into our products.